One of the key issues that we continue to find, is that in this digital age many restaurants still do not have a website; and of those who do, the majority either are out of date, or content has become irrelevant over time.  Some restaurants are still relying on Facebook pages to act as their dedicated online source of information for customers, however with declining organic reach on the platform, you could very well be losing diners.

While a website should be considered as an investment for your restaurant, we also know that budgets can be tight for smaller, independent businesses. This doesn’t mean you should compromise on achieving your objectives though; after all, your website is there to provide that first impression of your restaurant. It tells the story of your brand, showcases your dishes, and provides the information that customers need that will assist in driving enquiries and converting them into reservations.

At Clove, we know there isn’t a one size fits all approach to website development, and we will advise, and work with you closely, looking at the best way forward based on your budget and requirements.  As part of our web builds, we are able to offer website copy creation, from our experienced, in-house copywriters, augmented by our professional web designer.

As with everything we do, each project we take on is carefully researched, planned, developed and expertly delivered to ensure that you achieve real results and a return on your investment.  The end-user is the key, and our approach to website development and technical support will provide you with the platform you need to reach new audiences and engage with your existing customers.  It will be responsive across devices, and search engine optimised, which means that it will be ready to rank in search engines.


Web Design for Restaurants Clove Marketing

We believe in using specialists when expertise is needed, and our own digital marketing services are augmented by a trusted network of content creators.  If you require professional video or photographic content for websites or social media, we can manage this process for you from the initial brief, through to story board, styling and art direction. 

When it comes to food, imagery can produce an immediate and particularly emotional response. It can encourage your audience to engage with you, and allows them recognise and remember your brand for all the right reasons; and in this competitive industry it’s even more important to stand up, stand out, and be counted.  These services will allow you to forge your unique brand identity, depict stories, and showcase your concepts and dishes.

Depending on location, budget, and style of photos required, we work with a range of food photographers who offer half and full day packages, and videographers who work on a project basis.

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