Some would say it’s all in the finishing touches.  The extras that aren’t always deemed a necessity by a business, but on reflection can assist in raising brand awareness and actually enhance the perception, and improve the operation of your restaurant.

Whether it’s a one-off or as an ongoing monthly contract, we don’t see these services as a ‘nice to have’; hence they are cost-effective. We offer them to provide industry-specific support and to take the stress out of tasks, which in some cases if not undertaken properly, could end up costing you more money in the long run.

The Finishing Touches
The Finishing Touches
The Finishing Touches



It’s that moment when your new menu returns from the printers, and you realise that you’re about to offer lamp chops, or your chef has developed a flare for deserts; and subsequently not only have your sweet treats taken on a more sandy feel, but everything is about to go up in smoke…

Believe us after reading hundreds of menus over the years, we have probably seen it all. Sometimes a costly reprint is unavoidable, but much of the time it can be simply by using Clove’s proofreading service, ensuring that any corrections or mis-translations are picked up at an early-stage.


There is nothing else the Hospitality Industry ‘enjoys’ more than an awards ceremony. At Clove, our award submissions articulate your restaurant’s story and voice with words and imagery, that truly reflect your brand, passion, abilities and achievements.

Whether it’s to showcase your restaurant, team or chef, if you would like your award submission to stand out for all the right reasons, then get in touch.


Ensure your team know what is expected of them, and empower them to deliver it consistently. Our locally-based, knowledgeable covert critics will provide detailed feedback about their ‘secret’ dining experience, including ambience, the friendliness and knowledge of the staff, cleanliness and the quality and presentation of the food.

Our in depth reports will assist in identifying areas to improve customer satisfaction.

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