Marketing is an essential part of business. As a restaurant owner, you will likely have had to develop, or may still need to develop, a marketing strategy. However digital marketing is constantly changing, and keeping up with trends can be difficult.


A successful marketing strategy ensures that you are communicating the right messages in a way that prioritises and resonates, with your target audience at the most relevant time. This involves being knowledgeable in regards to your customers, your product and how your market works, and the most effective method of understanding these important marketing details is by creating a marketing strategy.

A clear, concise and well researched marketing strategy is vital for any business. Once a strategy is in place, it’s easier to understand exactly where you are now, and how and why your specific marketing actions will enable you to grow your business.


Our goal at Clove, is to ensure that every digital decision you make is strategic, informed, and driven by a clear set of defined objectives.



If you’re specifically looking for advice when it comes to developing strategies in which to improve your restaurant marketing, then Clove’s consultation service is a great place to start.  Designed specifically for restaurants, we’ll draw on over 15 years of experience to assist you in getting to where you would like to be, or need to be.

Consultations can be booked on an hourly basis, half or full day and include an audit of all your current marketing materials. You will also receive a comprehensive report, with clear and straightforward advice on the best course of action to improve and continue to develop your marketing activities..


The team at Clove specialise in creating unique and engaging, but most importantly for the industry, flexible strategies for restaurants.  As we’ve all seen recently the ability to adapt to change, sometimes quickly, is critical.

From internal and external research and analysing your current situation, to establishing key performance indicators, a strategy, tactics and evaluation; we will develop and deliver an integrated digital strategy that is specific to your restaurant’s aims and objectives, and inline with your overall business plan.

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